Reasons Why You Should Nurture Your Scalp

Reasons Why You Should Nurture Your Scalp

You know how they say that beauty is skin deep?  Usually, we think about our personalities and the people we are. But sometimes it has to do with the parts of our body that we don’t really see. Like our scalp.

Let’s chat about scalp health.

You may not realize it, but your scalp is an important part of your body! It sheds up to 100 hairs per day and produces oil that has a protective function for the skin. Your scalp also contains sensitive nerve endings that can lead to pain if irritated by dryness or other problems.

This is why we want to share with you why you should nurture your scalp and ways you can start doing that today.

Why is it important to take care of your scalp?

What does the scalp need to be healthy?

How do scalp treatments work?

Hydrate Scalp Detox

Hydrate Scalp Spray

Why Scalp Health Matters


Why is it important to take care of your scalp?

Did you know that the average woman spends more than 5 years of their life washing, brushing, and styling hair? That means a lot of time and effort is going into looking good.

But what a lot of people don’t realize is that it starts with your scalp. Taking care to keep your scalp healthy will help make sure it all looks great for as long as possible.

One way to do this is by making use of natural oils such as jojoba or argan oil. This promotes moisture retention in those strands near the skin's surface so they don't dry out as easily from everyday styling stresses and heat damage while also giving off a natural sheen on top for polished perfection!

Vital nutrients are delivered up through these hair follicles into each strand which means more elasticity, shinier locks, less breakage - all without any nasty chemicals getting mixed in along the way.

Taking care of your scalp helps you achieve that shiny, luxurious hair with volume and bounce. It all starts with your scalp.

Why Is Scalp Care The New Skincare?

The health of your scalp directly affects the health and appearance of your hair. When cared for properly, it helps keep your hair in a healthy place.  If your scalp is dry, itchy, or flaky, these issues can result in hair loss and scalp infections.


One of the ways that you can help improve your scalp health is with a scalp massage. Did you know a scalp massage benefits your whole body! It helps to release tension throughout the entire head and neck as well as stimulates the scalp for healthy hair growth. This also results in better blood flow which means more oxygen reaching all of those important scalp cells.


Be sure to use scalp oils and serums in order to nourish your scalp as well! You can do this before you shampoo your scalp to add a little extra moisture. Just make sure you don’t go too heavy on the product!


Be gentle when shampooing your scalp. Don’t scrub hard and remember that your scalp is not the same as your face or hands so be gentle when you shampoo it! Use a good quality all-natural shampoo in order to help keep away any hair loss, dryness, dandruff, or itching.


When conditioning your hair, before you rinse it out, remember to add a little scalp conditioner as well. This will help moisturize your scalp while strengthening the hair follicles for stronger and healthier locks!


Last but not least, don’t forget about taking care of the skin on your scalp too with oils such as jojoba or argan oil which helps moisturize and protect scalp cells.

When you take care of your scalp, it will show with healthy hair growth!

What does the scalp need to be healthy?

Let’s get straight to the point. If you haven’t given thought to your scalp health you are not alone.  However, we got you.

If you want a healthy scalp the first step is making sure it is properly moisturized. The scalp needs to be moisturized, so it can keep the hair looking healthy and shiny.

The most important thing a person should do for their scalp is moisturize regularly with natural oils like coconut or almond oil - these are great at keeping your skin from drying out too much as well. If you’re looking for something that will hydrate your scalp as well as your hair check out this hydrating oil which includes avocado, grapeseed, and sweet almond essential oil.

In addition to moisturizing it is important to make sure you’re giving your scalp some TLC by cleaning dirt buildup that is not serving your scalp. One way to do this is by using an apple cider vinegar rinse which helps clarify as well as remove the build-up of products like gel and parabens. You can also try a hydrating shampoo which will cleanse your scalp while making sure to retain those essential oils that your scalp needs to thrive. This results in no residual chemicals left behind on your scalp and precious locks!

It is also important to take some time to massage your scalp. When you massage your head gently while you're cleansing all those little sebaceous glands are releasing excess oil through vernix caseosa aka "shiny happy people grease" giving life to your scalp and locks. Doesn’t that sound so luxurious?

How do you know if your scalp is unhealthy?

The first step in determining if your scalp is unhealthy is to look for signs of dandruff, redness or irritation.

The healthiest skin on the body can be found at our head! To make sure it stays healthy we need to assess a few things: are you experiencing any symptoms like dryness and flakiness? Or maybe itching? You should also check out how often you shampoo your hair as well as what products you use.

Does a healthy scalp promote hair growth?

We are so glad you asked. That is the million-dollar question!

You should know that scalp health and hair growth have a lot to do with one another, but it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what affects them both because there are so many factors involved - like age, diet, hormones, stress levels...the list goes on.

By focusing on a healthy scalp you will find that one of the benefits is hair growth. Keeping your scalp moisturized and conditioned will help promote hair growth over time.

How do scalp treatments work?

The scalp is an area that we don’t really think about so much until something goes wrong.  As adults, this could be the first sign of hair loss for many people and can also promote excess oil production as well - which leads to oily scalp conditions such as seborrheic dermatitis.

The scalp needs to be treated before it can become healthy again, and in order for treatments to work, you need to treat the scalp regularly.  Using an antifungal shampoo two times a week will help remove excess oil buildup on your scalp as well as control dandruff symptoms such as itchiness while working with those scalp treatments.

Remember that scalp treatments are not a quick fix, they require diligence and patience!  So go easy on yourself when you experience symptoms such as hair loss or itchiness - it’s going to take some time before your scalp is looking healthy again but you can do this!!

How do I take care of my scalp?

It is common to have an imbalanced scalp no thanks to dry shampoo products residues, stress pollutants, and many others. The scalp will reduce breakage if the hair is not protected, new growth will follow and hair is smoother.

If you really want to up your scalp care game then check out these products that will help you on your journey towards a healthy scalp.

The Top Scalp Care Products you should have in your cabinet.

Your scalp care regimen should start with an apple cider vinegar rinse, this will help remove the scalp build-up of products such as gel and parabens that are not serving your scalp. You can also try a hydrating shampoo which will cleanse your scalp while making sure to retain those essential oils that your scalp needs to thrive. This results in no residual chemicals left behind on your scalp and precious locks!

Another scalp care product you will want to invest in is a scalp oil or hair serum. This will help nourish your scalp while working towards balancing out the natural oils that are produced by our sebaceous glands at an optimum level, which results in shiny happy people grease and healthier scalp conditions.  Last but not least scalp care product is a scalp moisturizer that will help hydrate your scalp while promoting healthy hair growth.

Check out some of the below products from the ChemHair Hydrate line that will help you achieve your scalp care goals.

Hydrate Scalp Detox

Bathe your scalp in nutrients with Bentonite clay.  Hydrate Scalp Detox is made with 100% bentonite clay. This detoxifying agent contains beneficial minerals that refresh your scalp and moisturize, condition, soften and reduce frizz for more defined curls.

Hydrate Scalp Spray

If you want your hair and scalp to be healthy, strong, and moisturized, then use Hydrate Scalp Spray. This product has antimicrobial and antifungal agents that help regulate the pH of your scalp to prevent dryness. When used regularly, this spray prevents bacteria from growing in your hair by balancing the pH level.

Why Scalp Health Matters

Your hair care regimen should also include a scalp care regimen. It is important to spend time on your scalp health in order to maintain hair growth. With scalp care, you can help yourself achieve healthy and full locks!

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