Rethinking the hair care experience, Chemhairstry provides an unparalleled range of natural and organic products to help women who battle with alopecia.

The name is a nod to chemists who have long been on the forefront of new innovations in building healthier hairs from within—so it’s no surprise that this line boasts one-of-a kind formulations for all your needs.

Chemhairsty is the brainchild of an enthusiastic entrepreneur, hair braider, and educated biologist that decided to turn her passion for hair braiding into business. In order to treat alopecia, it's important to understand its causes. Chemhairstry is committed to the development of new and effective treatments for alopecia based on an understanding of the biological processes involved in hair loss.

Chemhairsty's mission is to provide women with alopecia a sense of comfort in their difficult time and the opportunity for some normalcy by offering high-quality hair and scalp care products. The result was her own line of shampoos, sprays, oils and more which she hopes will help other afflicted individuals find relief from this under appreciated disorder while maintaining a style they love regardless if it requires loose curls or straight strands.

Our products are easy to use, competitively priced with a myriad of benefits. We believe that black hair is versatile and healthy when looking its best which we can help you achieve!